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what happened

Posted by Fleetwire - January 29th, 2019

people have made it clear on here and other places that i shouldn't post anything here that isnt music for madness

so that's what i did.


Comments (19)

I disagree, I'm sure that not everyone said it, you should ignored them and post whatever you want. This is why newgrounds was created, to have your own content.

As long as it's not furry I'm okay ok with it

Dude... the fuck you say, your musics and others stuff you made are awesome

but i like your other music

what a trash move to punish people that liked other songs

How could you tear down your history of rhythm at the whim of some trash-mongering degenerates? This is unacceptable.

what are you going to do

Don't give in.
Sure there's going to be people who complain, but those are the people who don't matter.
The ones who appreciate the artist as well as the art are the ones who matter.

Don't listen to a bunch of buffoons that try to take down your image. Fuckem.

oh my what happened why you get rid of Marx, infestation, Rigor Mortis and etc?

Ignore those idiots and let everyone enjoy music even if not madness-related if you want it.

You surrendered that fast to some morons? Come on Cryono you got people that like your non madness stuff as well. Don't give "haters" that satisfaction and such bad news to your real fans.

All hope is lost.

Naive idiots. Ignore them.

my question is Who are the "people" and how you accept they proposal

those people are just bunches of shiits,don't listen to them,ur creations are CUl,ignore them!

thats pretty stupid. Please bring back your deleted music

Those cockbites don't speak for all us, I loved all of your tracks!

Frankly, even the non-madness music you had were far more madness than one take's credit for.

Take for instance, the now "bot nuked" Voder. I can easily imagine it as arbitary Star Wars madness combat, right there. So seriously, probably best to screw them, with a drill. Just do your music thing, like a music trumpet piper man.

Dis dude really commited delete system 32